Nordic spearfishing championship

08.09.11 (Sist oppdatert 08.09.11 - 13:43)

We would like to invite Denmark and Finland to the Nordic spearfishing Championship. The competition takes place 7 and 8 of October 2011, and is organized by the Norwegian Diving Federation, working together with Orland Froskemannsklubb (sport diver club).

National teams’ detailed inscription must be sent by E-mail within 19 of October to Norges Dykkeforbund:


Send a copy to:

The championship will take place according to Norwegian Championship rules.


The inscription should include:


  • Names of participants
  • Names of contact person
  • Date of arrival and departure

There is no inscription fee to this competition, but accommodation must be paid by each team. The competition sites will be at Kråkvåg and Storfosna.


We can recommend “Ankeret gjestehus” at Kråkvåg. “Ankeret gjestehus” is a former officer’s mess, where you can stay at a reasonable price.

Prices: NOK 250 pr night/person in double bedroom, and NOK 300 pr night/person in single bed room. There are 6 single rooms and 7 double rooms.

Booking at “Ankeret gjestehus” must be made before 19th of October:

Other accommodation can be booked at

Route information:

From Brekstad: Drive westbound (10 km) to Garten, where a ferry will take you to the island Storfosna:

From Storfosna: Drive westbound (4 km, following Kråvåg- signs) and pass the bridge to the island Kråkvåg.

Be aware off limited food shopping at Kråkvåg. The store has limited opening hours.


Friday 7th of October.

0800: Briefing.

1000: Preparing for competition.

1100: Start of competition.

1500: End of competition.

1600: Weighing and results, day one.

Saturday 8th of October.

0900: Briefing.

1000: Preparing for competition.

1100: Start of competition.

1500: End of competition.

1600: Weighing and results, day two.

2000: Awarding ceremony and banquet in the officers mess.

The chairman of this competition will be Ole Andreassen:


Andreassen will be sssisted by Svein Inge Skaug, member of Norwegian spearfishing Committee and local diving club secretary:

The president of Norges Dykkeforbund, Cecilia Rockwell, will be present at the site and she will award the winners with their medals.

We wish you welcome to Norway.

Ole Andreassen

Phone: +47 402 37 203






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